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You're stranded and need help fast.
We're Towbee: a platform to get you quick roadside assistance easily.
3 quick steps to get help:
  1. You tell us about your problem
  2. We tell you how much nearby service providers will charge and show you their ratings
  3. You pick who you want and pay through us

Why Towbee?

Every Minute Counts 10 minutes not an hour

When you're stranded on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck every minute you wait increases your chances of becoming one of the more than 6500 people killed or injured on US shoulders each year. Motor clubs, like AAA, leave you stranded for an average of 45 minutes, and in some cases hours. At Towbee we aim to get you safely off the road as fast as possible.

Competitive pricing Don't get price gouged

Get instant quotes from nearby roadside service providers allowing you to choose the price and provider that's right for you. Be a more informed, savvier, and safer driver with Towbee.

Know your driver View reviews and profiles

Know who's coming before you choose your provider. Browse your provider's profile for their picture, customer reviews, and ratings so you know that your service provider is the right one for you. Don't worry if there aren't a lot of reviews for your provider yet, we require that each driver on our system is fully vetted with a background check in compliance with state regulations.

Get more payment options Pay with a Credit Card

Pay for your roadside service the same way you pay for everything else in life. With Towbee there's no need for your provider to take you to an ATM. We make it easy for you to pay your way, and for our drivers to accept your payment.